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Welcome To The Bart Stop LLC

In Mesa, Arizona (AZ) in early 1987, The Bart Stop began as one of the first Bulletin Board Systems recognized in the United States, which was as popular then as the Internet is today. Since the inception, our goal has been to provide quality home-based computer repair services at the most affordable prices. With fast response time, integrity, and professionalism, we know you will be satisfied with our computer repair services in Gilbert, Arizona (AZ) and the Metropolitan Phoenix area.

Computer Repair

Our skilled and well qualified technicians are available to repair your computer. Providing useful tips for software and hardware by our technicians. Will only help your computer run faster.

Data Recovery

Protecting you from data loss so your PC continues running, remains one of our goals. Optimizing your system with virus and malware removal creates a better performance of your computer.

Remote computer repairs

Ability to take remote access to your computer with your permission, allows us to link your computer in Mesa, AZ to ours. You can virtually watch as we repair your computer within a few hours,

On-site computer repair

Providing reliable, affordable computer repair service with integrity is our mission in the Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) metropolitan area. Services available include: home based repair, on-site services, training.


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Millions of routers are at risk

Your home router probably doesn't get much attention. After you set it up and secured it (you secured it, right?), you probably haven't thought much about it. It's just chugging along quietly in the background keeping your gadgets securely connected to each other and the Internet.Unfortunately, your router might not be a secure as you'd hope. Hot off the presses is a report about a security flaw built into millions of home routers.

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Prices on PC Repair in Gilbert, Arizona (AZ) and the Phoenix Metropolitan Area:

  • On-Site PC Repair is: $40.00 an Hour*
  • In-Shop PC Repair is: $40.00 an Hour*
  • Remote PC Repair is: $30.00 an Hour*

  • *All rates are billed at an hour minimum,
  • ¼ hour increments after an hour for PC repairs.
  • Free - Free trouble-shooting if PC repair in the Gilbert, Arizona (AZ) shop.
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